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Information On Natural Anti Inflamatories

Many people suffer from some form of inflammation which causes pain and discomfort to the areas affected. Experts believe that inflammation results from some type of deficiency in the immune system. Signs and symptoms of inflammation include the swelling, pain, redness and heat. To remedy the problem includes listening to the needs of your body.

There are natural ant-inflammatory remedies to keep you healthy beginning with diet. Many natural choices are available to reduce inflammation that you can do on your own unless the conditions are chronic and severe. At that time you may need to work with integrative healthcare professionals to find a plan or remedy to suit your needs. The inflammation can be due to an injury along with reaction to drugs, free radical damage, environmental toxins, trauma, bacterial, fungal or viral infections.

Consuming a healthy diet of at least 75 per cent raw foods can put you on the right road to anti-inflammation. Raw foods include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables such as spinach and blueberries full of flavonoids along with fresh strawberries, papaya and pineapple for the Bromelain and Papain. Both the Bromelain and Papain are both enzymes effective in reducing inflammation. Bromelain is also available as a pill supplement. Flavonoids are influential antioxidants for inflammation reduction. Along with your fresh diet, consume plenty of herbal teas and fresh fruit/vegetable juices.

Proteins in your anti-inflammatory diet should include coldwater fish such as salmon, herring, sardines and mackerel; all rich sources of essential fatty acids. Limit your intake of salt and saturated fats plus eliminate colas, white flour products, sugar and junk foods from your diet.

Additional natural anti-inflammatory remedies include alfalfa known for its excellent source of minerals and chlorophyll; Bilberry is high in flavonoids to reduce swelling and inflammation; Aloe Vera juice, Boswellia, Cat’s claw, Turmeric, Ginger, pau d’arco, Echinacea, yucca and red clover all help in healing and as natural anti-inflammatory treatments.

Capsaicin has been found to relieve arthritis, neuropathy and other aches, pain and inflammation. Capsaicin comes in ointment and cream formulas to be placed directly on the inflamed area. InflaThera is a natural supplement with anti-inflammatory properties with turmeric as one of the main ingredients. Although it is all-natural, it needs to be ordered by a health care provider. The supplement should be taken twice daily with food to be effective.

Homeopathic Arnica comes from a European flower with anti-inflammatory properties. It comes in supplement and ointment forms. Either place the capsules or pellets under the tongue several times a day or apply the ointment directly on the painful area. Both Aquamin and Sam-e are natural supplements to ease pain and reduce swelling.

For joint pain and inflammatory conditions, fish oil is always highly recommended and effective. If your diet is not high enough in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, supplementation of about 1,000 mg is proven to reduce swelling and promote a healthy heart. Some patients with other conditions such as autoimmune diseases and rheumatoid arthritis, including those suffering with lupus should be taking high doses of the fish oil; as much as 8,000 mg daily.

If you suffer with inflammation and discomfort, there are natural options for you to find relief. Along with implementing a healthy balanced diet, 75 per cent raw, speak with your health care provider regarding some of the best and most recommended all-natural anti-inflammatory remedies available.

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May 27

Wow, Foods Are Anti-Inflammatory? Let’s Eat!

When the body is injured it sends water to the injured area to protect it from further harm. This makes the trouble spot swell and is often painful. What people don’t realize is that while the water surrounds the injury, it is healing itself. Left alone, the body will heal. Unfortunately, people have to work so they often obtain anti-inflammatory medications to speed the process along. These have side effects, however, and people are now looking for more natural means of healing themselves. There are a few available.

Eating a few leaves of kale every now and again will not stop inflammation. The diet needs to be chock full of anti-inflammatory foods every day in order to stop the demon from harming people. A general rule of thumb is the darker the leaf on the vegetable, the more anti-inflammatory properties it holds and the healthier for people. It shouldn’t be too hard to enjoy foods like:

  • Squash: contains beta carotene, a natural anti-inflammatory
  • Shitake: mushrooms contain compounds which strengthen the immune system
  • Sesame seeds: keep the immune system from attacking the body like rheumatoid arthritis
  • Blueberries and strawberries: combat inflammation
  • Other helpful foods include tomatoes, dark chocolate and walnuts

Too many people can’t afford fresh groceries and eat processed foods. They are cheaper, but they contribute to inflammation. Some folks find supplements easier to, pardon the pun, swallow. They, too, are cheap and do the same job.

  • Sam-e: especially good for arthritis and osteoarthritis
  • Omega-3: if people hate fish, they can take this supplement and get the same effect
  • Bromelain: an inflammation fighter found in raw pineapple
  • Mangosteen: an Asian fruit known to battle inflammation
  • Ginger: an herb used to cook and found in ginger ale, it is an excellent inflammation fighter
  • Flax seed oil: good for skin inflammations. Combined with Omega-3 oils, these are inflammation killers

Exercise means strong muscles which surround the joints. Inflammation happens when the body does not work out or the diet is poor or both. Strength training, interval training, aerobics and high intensity workouts all keep the body strong. The body emits compounds to fight inflammation when it is moving. Exercise is a fun anti-inflammatory.

A sedentary lifestyle can be exchanged for a healthy lifestyle through the use of foods, supplements and swimming or dancing, if people don’t like the word “exercise”. Anti-inflammatory properties found in foods and supplements can help those with skin or joint inflammation. Dancing and playing with the babies, washing the car or simply going for a walk can keep people moving and is a fun way of keeping inflammation at bay. People will be surprised how fluid their movements are when there is no inflammation.

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